Isle of Man Purchase Act 1765
Parlamaid Reeriaght ny Bretyn Mooar
Slane ennym: An Act for carrying into Execution a Contract, made pursuant to the Act of Parliament of the 12th of his late Majesty King George 1st, between the Commissioners of his Majesty’s Treasury and the Duke and Duchess of Atholl, the proprietors of the Isle of Man, and their Trustees, for the purchase of the said Island and its dependencies, under certain exceptions therein particularly mentioned.
Rheam: Reeriaght ny Bretyn Mooar, Mannin
Kied Reeoil: 10-oo Mee Vayrnt, 1765
Toshiaght: 10-oo Mee Vayrnt, 1765
Date aagherrym: 26 Mee ny Boaldyn, 1976
Slattyssyn elley
Slattys aagherrym: Statute Law (Repeals) Act 1976
Stayd: Aagherrymit

She slattys Parlamaid ny Bretyn Mooar eh Isle of Man Purchase Act 1765 (c. 26) (Gaelg: Slattys Kionnaghey Ellan Vannin), ny Act of Revestment (Slattys Aa-ghreim). Chionnee eh kiedyn eiraghtoil Diucyn Atholl myr Çhiarnyn Vannin, as hug ad da Crooin ny Bretyn Mooar.[1]

Hug y Slattys greim da coardailys s'leaie eddyr Charlotte Murray, Benduic Atholl, as reiltys Reeriaght ny Bretyn Mooar, dy chreck kiedyn ny h-Athollyn er yn Ellan da Bretyn Vooar er son £70,000. Va kied y coonrey y yannoo ec y reiltys fo Slattys Preevaadjagh Parlamaid ayns 1726, agh er y fa dy row kiedyn eiraghtagh er ny h-Athollyn liorish Slattys Parlamaid 1609, va feme er bun-slattyssyn er son ny kiedyn shen y ghoaill jeu.

Ghow y Slattys toshiaght liorish Kied Reeoil er 10 Mee Vayrnt 1765. Va'n argid ry-chur da Benduic Atholl er 1 Mean Souree 1765 ny ny s'leaie.

As eshyn er ny yannoo lesh kionnaghey ny h-Ellan, hie y Slattys er aagherrym liorish y Statute Law (Repeals) Act 1976.[1]

Kiedyn elley

Rere'n Slattys shoh, va kiedyn mannoragh ec ny Athollyn foast, chammah's patroonys er oik Aspick Sodor as Mannin, as vondeishyn elley. Hie adsyn er creck ayns 1828 er son £417,144, liorish daa Slattys Preevaadjagh Parlamaid:

  • "An Act empowering the Lords of the Treasury to Purchase all the Manorial Rights of the Duke of Atholl in the Isle of Man" [c. 34] 10 Mean Souree 1824
  • "An Act to empower the Commissioners of His Majesty’s Treasury to purchase a certain Annuity in respect of Duties and Customs levied in the Isle of Man, and any reserved sovereign rights in the said Island belonging to John Duke of Atholl" [c. 34] 10 Mean Souree 1825

Jeeagh er


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