Vasco Da Gama

Vasco da Gama Goychea mapar ek sobit xar zoim udheog-dhondo mott'tea promannan cholta. Vasco da Gama xar ek Bharatacho lhan bhag vo vantto mhonnlear otitay zanvchina karann hanga tuka Bharatachea veg-vegllea prantantle nagrik ravnne korun aslole melltat. Hanga hea xarant Konknni ani Marathi bhaxe xivay sabar Bharatacheo dusreo bhaso vapurpant yetat karann torekvar prantantle nagrik hanga eka-mekak melltat-zulltat.

Administrative map of Goa

Vasco da Gama xar Zuari nodiche bazuk tenkon mellta ani matxe mukhar tancho sombhond Arabian doriya vangdda samil zata. Hanga Murganv Bondr asa zuim hozaramni Bharotachea veg-vegllea prantantle nagrik nokri kortat ani aplem udarposonn kortat. Murganv Bondr Goychi tosich Bharotachi arthik poristhiti mozbut ani okhondd korunk mottoch hat-bar laita ani desache udorgottin tacho mottoch vantto asa.

Vasco Da Gama xarant veg-vegllea dhormache ani zati-katiche monis eka mekachea maye-mogan ani xantin jiyetat ani hanga lokancho ek-char dista. Vasco xar ek Rashtrik ekcharacho nomunno mhonnlear mhoji otitay zanvchina. Hindu-Kristanv-Musolmann hanga ap-apleo dhormik riti xantikayen ani mogan monoitat ani eka-mekache khoxallkayen vantto gheun ho dhormik ekchar vaddoytat ani mozbut kortat. Hanga 4 xedde vodik vorsanchi Katolik igorz asa, Sant Andre ticho patron. Hi porob dor vorsa Novembrache 30 tarkeruch zata, toxench hanga Dev Damodarachem mondir asa zoim 'Saptah' hi vorsavollichi porob amcho Hindu somaz Agostache mhoinneant pallta ani Goychea sogllea vattharantlo lok hanga Dev Damodarak nomoskar korunk yetat. Her dhormacheo legun porbo hanga mottea nettan ani ghonn-ghonnat zatat.

Hea xarant sabar itihasik zage asat ani namnneche nagrik jiyetat. Goychi arthik poristhiti mozbut korunk hat-bar lavpi namnneche nagrik ani udheogpoti hanga aplem ravnne korun asat. Ho tancho zolmacho ganv ani hanga tanchi kottumbik ghoram asat.

Vasco da Gama


Vasco Harbour
Vasco Harbour
DistrictSouth Goa
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Area code(s)91-832
Vehicle registrationGA-06

Vasco da Gama सांचो:IPAc-en (Vasku सांचो:IPA-kok), often shortened to Vasco, is a city in the state of Goa on the west coast of India. It is named after the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama. It is also the headquarters of the Mormugao taluka. The town lies on the western tip of the Mormugao peninsula, at the mouth of the Zuari River, about 30 kilometres (19 mi) from Panjim, Goa's capital, and about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from Dabolim Airport.

The city was founded in 1543 and remained in Portuguese hands until 1961, when Goa was annexed by India. The Indian Navy's Goa Naval Area (base) is located at Vasco from which it controls Dabolim Airport and, in effect, the entire tourism-dependent state of Goa. The historic 'Document of surrender' was signed by the Portuguese in front of Vasco's municipal council building.

Transport and industry

Breakwater at Mormugao Harbour

Vasco is the only city in Goa which is well connected by road, rail, sea and air; by road by the National Highway 17A, by rail by the South Western Railway, by the sea through the Mormugao Harbour and by air through Dabolim Airport, thus serving as the main hub for most tourists visiting the state of Goa.

Vasco is heavily reliant on the port for most of its economic activity. Manganese ore mined in interior regions is brought to Mormugao by barges navigating the rivers Mandovi and Zuari, and then either collected in the Mormugao Port to be loaded onto bulk carrier ships or directly loaded onto the ships using trans-shippers. Ore which is collected on the port is handled by state-of-the-art machinery called MOHP (Mechanical Ore-Handling Plant). This includes massive bucket wheel loaders and miles of conveyor belts. The port has berthing facilities for large cruise liners as well as a floating dry dock. There are shipping and freight forwarding agents as well as offices of major mining companies based in the city.

The Mormugao Port Trust which operates the port is the largest employer in the Vasco region and has a complete mini-township in Headland Sada which includes schools, residential complexes and amenities for employees of the Port.

Tourism and culture

Bogmalo Beach is 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) from Vasco. This beach is quite risky as it has underwater currents. Hollant (Issorcim) and Baina are two smaller beaches around Vasco.

Apart from the nearby beaches, the city of Vasco is bereft of any major tourist attractions, the salient monument being the 400-year old St. Andrew's Church located at the entrance of the city. However the Naval Aviation Museum near the airport is a popular tourist spot and is the only such museum in India. It profiles the evolution and history of Indian naval aviation through aircraft exhibits and rare photographs.

One of Goa's premier musical groups, Diamond Orchestra, hails from Vasco. The town is also home to several English bands from Goa, notably Lynx and Kollectiv Soul.

Vasco is known for the annual Shri Damodar Bhajani Saptah[1] fair held in Shravan month of Hindu lunar calendar preceding the festival of Nag panchami.

Vasco da Gama hosted the relics of Saint John Bosco, albeit temporarily, on 21 August 2011, at the St. Andrew's Church, while the relics were on their world tour.

Like all towns and cities in Goa, Vasco celebrates the Shigmo/ xigmo and Carnival annually with a street parade where floats from all over Goa participate.


Like the rest of Goa, football is the most popular sport in Vasco. Two teams from the town have participated in the I-League - Vasco Sports Club and Salgaocar Sports Club. Salgaocar SC were Champions of the 1998-99 season[2] of the erstwhile NFL. Tilak Maidan is a 15,000 capacity football ground based in the city. The stadium sporting a magnificent turf hosted I-league matches during April 2013, as the home ground for the four teams from Goa in the league, when Fatorda Stadium was closed down for renovation.

Although cricket is not as popular as football, a Vasco resident Shadab Jakati[3] plays for Goa in the Ranji Trophy first-class competition and has also been selected to play for the Chennai Super Kings IPL franchise.


The city of Vasco falls under the boundaries of the Mormugao (South Goa) constituency in the Lok Sabha. The current Member of Parliament is Francisco Sardinha of the Indian National Congress.[4]

Vasco elects its representative to the Goa Legislative Assembly, the current MLA is Carlos Almeida of the BJP.


The National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR)[5] located at Headland Sada is a research and development institution administered by the Ministry of Earth Sciences. It is responsible for administering the Indian Antarctic Program and maintains the Indian government's Antarctic research station, Maitri. In addition to laboratories for marine sample processing/analyses, it hosts a special low-temperature ice core sample storage facility.


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