Portugal, एरोपांतलो देस आसा। ताची राजधानी लिस्बोन नगर आसा।[1][2]

Padrão dos Descobrimentos. The Portuguese Empire was the first and longest global empire in history, spanning almost 600 years
Portuguese caravel, used during the Age of Discovery
António Costa, 119th Prime Minister of Portugal, in office since 26 November 2015.
Vasco da Gama opened up trade with the East for Portugal in 1498.
República Portuguesa

Bhas:Purtugez bhas
Rajdhani :Lisboa
Zaago:92.090 km²
Vhoddlem Xar:10.647.763 ()

Portugal zaun asa Eropacho ek des. Portugalan Gõycher 450 vorsank raj choloilem. Hachem tim vatanim Atlantic mha-doriya asa ani udentek Spain des asa.




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