Konkani sayings


  • Andlleanchim Gorvam Dev Rakhta, Bhaddea Boilak Dev Rakhnno
  • Hanturnn Pollovn Paim Soddunk Zai Vo Patollche
  • Aplea Dolleant Vanso Astanam, Dusreachea Dolleantlem Kiskutt Kaddchem Nhoi
  • Aplem Rogot Kallkhant Vollkhota
  • Avoi Pollovn Dhuv Vhor, Dudh Pollovn Mox Vhor
  • Bailele Chakri Kelear, Bakri Melltta
  • Char Dis Mainche, Char Dis Suneche
  • Jea konnem Goa pollelam, tannem Lisboa pollonvchi goroz nam. (He who has seen Goa need not see Lisbon.)
  • Goenkarank udarponn fokot ek utor nhoi – ti amchi ek parompora. (Hospitality is not just a word for Goans – it's a tradition.)
  • Goa tum Roma Udentichem. (Goa, you are the Rome of the East.)
  • Dantui hoje ani vontthui mhoje. (To avoid hurting someone close. Literally: the teeth are mine, and so are the lips)
  • Zache zovta, tekach kovta. (Only the injured knows what's pain.)
  • Dusro nachta mhunn apunn nachem nhoi. (Do what's within your limits. Literally: because someone else dances, we not follow suit)
  • Melele moxik bara xer dudh; jivi astanam ekui nam. (Nobody utters a word of praise when alive, but one is showered with praises when dead. Literally: a dead buffalo is believed to have given 12 seers of milk. When alive, it was not even one.)
  • Sanjek nasleleak mijeas chodd. (The poor boasts more.)
  • Hanv hansta desak ani des hansta mojea bhesak. (To point out others' mistakes while one is at fault.)
  • Khatolo zalear chonno, bolsant nam anno. (To be completely bankrupt. Literally: even if I want to eat gram, there's not a coin in the pocket.)
  • Nakak dhorlear tondd ugtem zata. (If the nose is forced shut, the mouth opens. -- Old Konkani saying.)
  • Moddlelea khursac resped na. (No one respects a broken cross.)
  • Kam zalem, voiz melo. (When your work is done, don't forget the one who helped. Literally: once the work is done, the doctor is treated as if dead.)
  • Fudlem zoth voitam toxem fatlem. (The oxen behind follow in the footsteps of those in front.)
  • Baim suktoch, udcacho valor collta. (When the well dries up, one realizes the value of water)
  • Tunven jitle xit khelem, titlem hanven mit khelem.(I have consumed more salt than you have consumed rice or I am much more experienced than you are)
  • Gharant nam tin tandul saanna ukdunk dhanvta randul.
  • Xita adi mit giloo naka (Don't try to eat salt before you eat the rice. Meaning, don't place the cart before the horse.)
  • Hanthrun polloun paim Dodd.
  • Danth astana chonne nam, chonne astana danth nam (A pithy saying involving teeth & horsegram-Chonne-, to indicate the lack of the complementary item at different stages in life. Literally: you have teeth and no gram, when you have gram you have no teeth)
  • Thigle/ Thugle haath kitle hoard uhse (Hers/ His hands are large—meaning she/ he is very generous)
  • Chorak dubau channeacho (The thief suspects the moon.)
  • Disak poloyllya baint rati podanaka (Don't fall at night into the very well you saw in the day.)
  • Omtya Kollsear Udok (Irrespective of what you say to the person, he will do whatever he wants.)

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