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Zazaki is missing

Zazaki is missing from this page:
More than 100 languages are now listed.
Thank you, Varlaam (mesac) 05:20, 1 Şıbat 2016 (UTC)


I request sysop access on diq.wikipedia:

I'm a native speaker of Zazaki and want to help 'Asmen' -our administrator-. Thank you! - Mirzali (mesac) 11:43, 30 Tişrino Peyên 2016 (UTC)

  • Support - As the sysop of the Zazaki Wikpedia, I need help of Mirzali. He had important contributions during the creation process of Zazaki Wikipediya. -- Asmêno Bêwayir (mesac) 12:15, 30 Tişrino Peyên 2016 (UTC)
  • Support - Mirzali is known for his big efforts at Zazaki Wikipedia and also for editing Zazaki books. -- Karber:Memedaga (mesac) 12:54 Tişrino Peyên 2016 (UTC)
CommentNo activity since 2 years, as a support account only for the vote.—Gomadapeyam 08:49, 1 Kanun 2016 (UTC)
CommentAre you a native speaker and writer of Zazaki? Who gives you the right to control and with what a character dose a person have who is tattling? It seems that all you had provoked him to desysop him.. ---Memedaga (mesac)
  • Support Mirzali knows the language very well und has many efforts to our endangered language. We need him to save and develop Zazaki. Omid.
Comment-No activity on Zazaki Wikipedia. The account is here only for vote. Interesting.—Gomadapeyam 08:49, 1 Kanun 2016 (UTC)
  • Support I also support Mirzali. Vuzorg (mesac) 13:17, 30 Tişrino Peyên 2016 (UTC)
  • Support I support Mirzali. He did his best for Zazaki Wikipedia so far. He should become sysop. He deserves this. Belekvor (mesac)
CommentAfter 3 years of no activitiy, you just come to vote. It would be good to be an active user to vote.—Gomadapeyam 08:49, 1 Kanun 2016 (UTC)
Oppose He was an admin and he abused sysop access many times (here). Besides, there are only 2-3 active users. So, it's unnecessary to have all as admin.Btw, it's clear that 3 of above accounts are only invited to vote.—Gomadapeyam 08:49, 1 Kanun 2016 (UTC)
Comment In an inner-Zaza affair, a Kurd like you has not to interfere. I mean it only in fact, Zazaki is not your mother tongue. You do not care about the love of the Zazaki, but you simply pursue political intentions. Even at that time, you mobilized all the Kurds or Kurdists to agitate against me. And through provocations you have also created a list of the inconveniences about me. Where have all the Kurds or Kurdists remained after my desysop process? They suddenly disappeared into the air. Enough needs to be somehow enough. Don't you think so? It had been all the years Erdemaslancan (and more recently , , ), who made us angry. -- Mirzali (mesac) 05:34, 2 Kanun 2016 (UTC)
  • Support I also support Mirzali. Xweser (mesac) 17:25, 5 Kanun 2016 (UTC)
Comment A newbie.Interesting.—Gomadapeyam 18:35, 5 Kanun 2016 (UTC)
  • Temam Granted for three months. -- Avi (mesac) 21:55, 12 Kanun 2016 (UTC)
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