Langhus getimbrode be l'Anse aux Meadows

Winland wæs land on Norðamerican þider seglodon Normenn of Islande and Grenelande in þære Wicingylde. Ymbe 1000 æfter Cristes tocyme landed Laf Yricesson on þæm land, se wæs ælmæst fif hund gearas beforan þæm mærum brimfarum be Christopher Columbus and Iohannes Cabot.

Laf geaf þone naman Vinland and swylc nama swutoleð in þæm Winlandsecgan, Hu brad wæron þa land gefunden be Normenn man ne ceann ac hie wæron on Niwgefundenlandes rime and, hycgþ man, in Halgan Laurentes Byhte, and ðes nama meaht stand ofer eall ðis land.

In 1960, satærfinderas fanden Norðiscra husa grundwæg be l'Anse aux Meadows on Niwgefundenlandes norþdæl and þis is seo anlic witnes for Normannum in Norþamerican ut Grenelande. Man secgþ þe geald is L'Anse aux Meadows Lafes Yricessones wic be Streammfeord in Yrices þæs Readan Secgan oððe 'Lafes Botlas'.

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